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The Many Maps of Chicago


In addition to being useful for navigating and for laying out directions for all sorts of events, maps are useful as visual representations of how…

Contributors: Emily Paige Taylor

The Fountains of Chicago, 1837-1987


Aside from being decorative and whimsical, our local fountains have much to tell us about our various public memories and community activities.…

Growing Infrastructure

Straightening the Chicago River.jpg

Highlights from Chicago's infrastructure in the 1920s and 30s. Featuring sewers, public transportation, roads, and popular culture venues.

Contributors: Alicia Zeimet

Radical Chicago


As a large American city, Chicago's political identity rests at the intersection of industry, race, gender, class, immigration, and other concerns…

"Urbs in Horto:" The Parks of Chicago, 1837-1987


In the 1830's, the government of the young city of Chicago adopted the motto, "Urbs in Horto"--a Latin phrase meaning "city in a garden." This slogan…

Public Sculptures Chicago(1837-1987)


This collection collects several public sculptures(1837-1987) in Chicago, IL.

Contributors: Bill Sun

Chicago 1981

Images illustrating different aspects of everyday life in Chicago, IL throughout the year 1981

Contributors: Ericka Christie

Hull House Arts and Crafts


Collection of photographs and objects documenting the arts and crafts programs sponsored by the Hull House, including metalwork, weaving, and…

Contributors: Lisa Hartman

The Old "L"

L 4.png

Photos from the construction and early days of the Chicago and South Side Rapid Transit Railroad. Today it is referred to as the "L" (short for…

Contributors: Emily Paige Taylor

Chicago's Women Religious


A variety of Catholic religious orders have called Chicago home over the years. Whether serving the poor or creating schools, women religious are a…

Contributors: Emily Davis