The Old "L"

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The Old "L"


Chicago and South Side Rapid Transit Railroad


Photos from the construction and early days of the Chicago and South Side Rapid Transit Railroad. Today it is referred to as the "L" (short for elevated) and is administrated by the Chicago Transit Authority.


Emily Paige Taylor

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"L" Construction at Lake Street, 1896
Lake Street, looking west from Wabash Avenue, in 1896 when the "L" was being built. C. H. Cook received $50 dollars for this picture, printed in the Chicago Tribune.

Steam Powered "L"
A steam power engine pulls the elevated train at the Lake Street "L", circa 1893-1896. Printed in the Chicago Tribune.

Early "L"  on Van Buren Street, 1897
Elevated track and train, looking east on Van Buren Street from Wabash Avenue, in 1897 Chicago. Printed by the Chicago Tribune.

"L" Construction at Lake and Milwaukee
The elevated rapid transit line, which would become the Chicago Transit Authorities' "L", at Lake Street and Milwaukee Avenue was under construction in 1896. Printed by the Chicago Tribune.
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