Hull House Arts and Crafts

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Hull House Arts and Crafts


Hull House (Chicago, Ill.) ; Arts and crafts movement ; Art ; Study and teaching


Collection of photographs and objects documenting the arts and crafts programs sponsored by the Hull House, including metalwork, weaving, and painting.




Lisa Hartman

Collection Items

Summer Camp Art Class
Exterior. Two young girls working at an easel while three others work on artwork held in their laps. Teacher stands in rear.

Decorative Copper Bowl
Hand wrought copper bowl made by Olga Huncke, a social worker at the house.

Bookbinding Pattern
A bookbinding pattern developed by Ellen Gates Starr, the co-founder of the Hull House. She used arts and crafts education as a tool to lift people out of the stifling despair of poverty. Shortly after she established the Chicago Public School Arts…

Hull-House Community Workshop Poster
Work Projects Administration poster advertising free craft workshops at the Hull House, including painting, pottery, sculpture, weaving, poster art, and children's classes. Poster shows a budding plant, a sculpture of a bird, and an artist's palette.

Weaving Class
A group of students practicing weaving on tabletop and lap looms.
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