Public Sculptures Chicago(1837-1987)

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Public Sculptures Chicago(1837-1987)


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This collection collects several public sculptures(1837-1987) in Chicago, IL.


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Dawn Shadows
The structure and configuration of the elevated train system that gave downtown Chicago its nickname, “The Loop,” provided Louise Nevelson with the inspiration for her sculpture Dawn Shadows. Nevelson is best known for her large wooden relief…

Winged Man
Winged Man sculpture by Richard Hunt 1987, Chicago

Chicago Picasso
The Chicago Picasso (often just The Picasso) is an untitled monumental sculpture by Pablo Picasso in Chicago, Illinois. The sculpture, dedicated on August 15, 1967, in Daley Plaza in the Chicago Loop, is 50 feet (15.2 m) tall and weighs 162 short…

Four Seasons
Four Seasons is a mosaic by Marc Chagall that is located in Chase Tower Plaza in the Loop district of Chicago, Illinois. The mosaic was a gift to the City of Chicago by Frederick H. Prince (via the Prince Charitable Trusts); it is wrapped around four…

Monument with Standing Beast
Monument with Standing Beast is a sculpture by Jean Dubuffet in front of the Helmut Jahn designed James R. Thompson Center in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois. Its location is across the street from Chicago City Hall to the South and…

Abraham Lincoln: The Head of State
Abraham Lincoln: The Head of State (also called Seated Lincoln or Sitting Lincoln) is a 9-foot (2.7 m) tall bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln in Grant Park, in Chicago. Created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and completed by his workshop in 1908, it was…

Lions (Art Institute of Chicago)
The pair of bronze lions that stand outside of the Art Institute of Chicago are two of the city's oldest and most iconic pieces of public art. Designed by sculptor Edward Kemeys, the Lions have flanked the Art Institute since 1893.

Chicago (originally called The Sun, the Moon and One Star)
Miró's Chicago (originally called The Sun, the Moon and One Star) is a sculpture by Joan Miró. It is 39 feet (12 m) tall and is made of steel, wire mesh, concrete, bronze, and ceramic tile.

Gen. John Logan Horse Statue
General John Logan Memorial, also known as the John Alexander Logan Monument, is an outdoor bronze sculpture commemorating John A. Logan by sculptors Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Alexander Phimister Proctor and architect Stanford White, installed in…

The Bowman and The Spearman
The Bowman and The Spearman (also known collectively as Equestrian Indians, or simply Indians), are two bronze equestrian sculptures standing as gatekeepers in Congress Plaza, at the intersection of Congress Parkway and Michigan Avenue in Chicago's…
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