"Urbs in Horto:" The Parks of Chicago, 1837-1987

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"Urbs in Horto:" The Parks of Chicago, 1837-1987


In the 1830's, the government of the young city of Chicago adopted the motto, "Urbs in Horto"--a Latin phrase meaning "city in a garden." This slogan turned out to be prescient, as the city would expand into the vast network of parks, boulevards, and lakeshore trails it is today. This collection commemorates not just the history and beauty of these spaces themselves between 1837 and 1987, but defining moments in the city's politics and culture that have come to define the history of Chicago.


Lucas Bensley


Paris of the Midwest: Chicago, 1837-1987



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Drawing from Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett's 1909 Plan of Chicago based on French design
Plate 137 from The Plan of Chicago, 1909: Chicago. View of the Proposed Development in the Center of the City, from Twenty-Second Street to Chicago Avenue, Looking Towards the East Over the Civic Center to Grant Park and Lake Michigan, 1907

Fountain Girl Chicago replica
Photo of Fountain Girl replica

Japanese garden, Jackson Park, Chicago
Postcard showing tourists on a bridge in the Japanese Garden in Jackson Park, Chicago IL

Children Ice Skating in Lincoln Park
A 1905 photograph of boys ice skating in Lincoln Park

Chicago - Buckingham Fountain
Buckingham Fountain is a Chicago Landmark in Grant Park. It was dedicated in 1927.
The Standard Oil Building is under construction in the center of the photo. When completed in 1973 (the year after this photo), it would be 1,136 ft (346 m) high, and…
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