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Chicago at a Glance: Architectural Wonders


Chicago is known for its eclectic architectural designs. From the Willis Tower to the Marina Towers to the Aqua Building, Chicago's skyline has much to offer. Looking between 1890 - and present day creations, this exhibit will give a brief glimpse of when popular structures were constructed as well as some fun facts.

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Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and Chicago

Picture of Daniel Burnham

One does not have to spend much time in Chicago to start noticing that the name "Burnham" keeps popping up. Plenty is named after the architect and urban planner, Daniel Burnham, and it does not take much digging to see why. Not only did Daniel Burnham design several buildings in the city, he co-authored with Edward Bennett the 1909 Plan of Chicago, a comprehensive urban planning document. The document was deeply influential in Chicago's development, and was in fact required reading in all Chicago Public Schools for years. Commonly referred to as "the Burnham Plan," the 1909 Plan of Chicago literally shaped the city.

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