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Chicago at a Glance: Architectural Wonders


Chicago is known for its eclectic architectural designs. From the Willis Tower to the Marina Towers to the Aqua Building, Chicago's skyline has much to offer. Looking between 1890 - and present day creations, this exhibit will give a brief glimpse of when popular structures were constructed as well as some fun facts.

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Chicago's Creativity and Innovation in Printed Materials


As Chicago grew over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it pioneered certain aspects of culture and technology. To explore Chicago's adventures in originality, this exhibit showcases a variety of Chicago's printed materials between 1837 and 1987 that depict the city's creativity in food, technology, urban planning, and journalism. 

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Palaces of the Midwest: Chicago's Great Hotels


Determined to dispel East Coast notions of Chicago being a smelly, backwater town of the Midwest, certain wealthy Chicagoans set out to create lavish hotels that distinguished guests from around the world would flock to come marvel at the city's accomplishments. These palaces and the lifestyles they promoted sharply contrasted with the quotidien lives of the city's immigrant working classes. Nonetheless, their luxurious architecture and notoriety promoted Chicago as a worthy tourist destination, truly earning it the name "Paris of the Midwest."

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