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Aerial photo of area around Wrigley Field, 1951.jpg
Photograph showing aerial view of Wrigley Field and surrounding areas, Taken in Chicago, Illinois, April 26, 1951.

1955 james galanos cocktail dress.jpg
Cocktail dress, circa 1955, worn by Mrs. Philip D. Block, Jr., to the Commercial Club of Chicago (founded in 1877) after her husband was made a member. Dress designed by James Galanos (American, 1924-2016). Wool jersey and silk chiffon.

Maxwell Street was famous for it's market and the blues musicians who would play out front of stores and on the corners

The Sutherland Lounge was a music venue in the Sutherland Hotel that hosted some of the most famous jazz and blues musicians to make it from Chicago

the berghoff bar.jpg
This is a picture of the bar at the Berghoff in the 1950s.
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