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A postcard portraying an exterior day view of Washington Street looking East from Wells Street in Chicago, Illinois.

Transcript of an oral history interview- Edo J. Belli interviewed by Betty J. Blum. The original interview was done on November 3, 1983 at the Belli & Belli office in Chicago Illinois. It was published in 2005.

“In our 'cities within cities' we shall turn our streets up into the air, and stack the daytime and nighttime use of our land." —Bertrand Goldberg

Marina City was built in 1967. Its architect Bertrand Goldberg intended it to be an urban experiment…

52-story River Point, a commercial project designed by Pickard Chilton.

150 North Riverside is a wonder of architectural engineering.

An architectural summary of the Rookery Building, a historical skyscraper in the Loop.

A digital version of the Plan of Chicago, the first city plan in the United States. Designed by Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett, two prominent Chicago architects, it laid out a series of projects meant to improve and beautify the city through a…

Picture of Daniel Burnham
Daniel H. Burnham was the founder of Burnham and Root, one of Chicago's most prominent architectural firms, and the Director of Works on the World's Columbian Exposition. He also designed many of the city's most impressive buildings, including the…

Article about burnham plan.pdf
This resource is a brief discussing Daniel Burnham's 1909 plan for the city of Chicago, as well as what was actually implemented.
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