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Map featuring color codes representing distribution of different ethnicities within the neighborhoods bounded by Polk St. and 12th St. in the Near West Side of Chicago.

chicago- city to see (1).mp4
16mm color amateur film featuring footage of Chicago with deadpan commentary. Originally produced to encourage attendance for the 1963 Photographic Society of America conference in Chicago.

Acrylic painting of woman with red hair in a yellow shirt on jagged Plexiglas in frame painted by the artist.

Black and white photograph of poetry study group members around a table with books, taken in 1942 at the South Side Community Art Center.

A photograph of the auditorium in the Granada Theater, demolished in 1990.

A photograph of the Granada Theater in Rogers Park, Chicago, demolished in 1990.

Portrait of Lucy Parson, 1920s anarchist

Documents the research and physical labor involved in the creation of Judy Chicago's The dinner party, a monumental tribute to the women of spirit and accomplishments through the ages.

1914 portrait of Jane Addams, social worker and founder of Hull House in Chicago.

Transcript of an oral history interview- Edo J. Belli interviewed by Betty J. Blum. The original interview was done on November 3, 1983 at the Belli & Belli office in Chicago Illinois. It was published in 2005.
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