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Advertisement for Chicago Daily News newspaper
The Daily News was founded in 1875 and began publishing early the next year. It was the first one-cent newspaper published in Chicago. It strove for mass readership. The purpose was to establish a paper the price of which should be the lowest unit of…

1870 Advertisement in the Chicago Tribune
From its beginnings in 1847, the newspaper pledged to be a good citizen and an active participant in the life of Chicago. The Tribune was also a standard-bearer for innovative journalism. During the paper's formative years, the Tribune was a leading…

July 1887 Advertisement in TheChicago Times
Chicago newspaper popular in the latter half of the nineteenth-century founded in 1854. The paper was originally published in the fifth story of the McCormick Block, on the corner of Randolph and Dearborn streets. The circulation was but little over…

Skyscraper_article (2).jpg
An article from the Mundelein College newspaper, "The Skyscraper", recounting senior student, Mercedes McCambridge, winning an award and a contract with NBC.
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