Chicago's Women Religious

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Chicago's Women Religious


A variety of Catholic religious orders have called Chicago home over the years. Whether serving the poor or creating schools, women religious are a major part of the city's Catholic heritage. This collection shows the accomplishments of these orders with photographs and artifacts from 1837-1987.


Emily Davis


Emily Davis

Collection Items

Skyscraper Article
An article from the Mundelein College newspaper, "The Skyscraper", recounting senior student, Mercedes McCambridge, winning an award and a contract with NBC.

Sisters in Chemistry Lab
Three sisters conducting chemistry research.

Four nuns on the sidewalk
A photograph of four nuns standing on a sidewalk in front of a building

Pierre de Chaignon la Rose Letter
Correspondence from Pierre de Chaignon la Rose to Sr. Mary Justitia Coffey, BVM about design choices for Mundelein College

DePaulia (DePaul University, Chicago, IL), 1966-03-23
Eight page newspaper containing an article on happiness as a nun

1964: Dorothy Day
Dorthy Day pictured (left) with Sr. Ann Ida Gannon, BVM, and an unidentified priest.

Nuns dissecting an animal in a science lab
Two nuns at a desk dissecting an unknown animal at DePaul University
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