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875 North to 2135 South: Highlights of the Mag Mile


The Magnificent Mile is world renowned for its art, culture, and posh lifestyle. "875 North to 2135 South: Highlights of the Mag Mile" showcases five destinations worth seeing along the infamous street. 

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Activist Chicago


Exploring the history of activism in the city from the late 19th century to the 1960s.  This collection focuses on individuals and their respective movements chronologically over time.

African American Chicago

A brief history of the African American experience in Chicago from the Great Migration in the early twentieth century to the election of Harold Washington in 1983.

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Big Hair and Big Sound: The '70s Gift to Rock and Roll


Formed in 1972, though not achieving fame until much the later in the decade, Styx remains one of the staple conduits of '70s rock and roll. 

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Chicago Artists


A collection of people and art objects from Chicago.

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Chicago Arts & Handicrafts in the 20th Century


During the 1930s the Works Progress Administration had an indelible impact on the arts and crafts scene of Chicago. Organizations like the Jane Adams Hull House held programs encouraging women to participate in creating art and making crafts paid for with federal funds. This exhibit tells a small part of that story. 

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Chicago at a Glance: Architectural Wonders


Chicago is known for its eclectic architectural designs. From the Willis Tower to the Marina Towers to the Aqua Building, Chicago's skyline has much to offer. Looking between 1890 - and present day creations, this exhibit will give a brief glimpse of when popular structures were constructed as well as some fun facts.

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Chicago Girls: From Girls Next Door to Troublemakers


From Mrs. O'Leary to Sue the dinosaur, this exhibit traces the female experience in Chicago from a variety of female viewpoints. 

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Chicago Through Pop Culture


The history and culture of the Windy City have been built not only by important personalities such as Robert Sanderson McCormick and Barak Obama but also by its pop culture icons. Explore Chicago's pop culture and how it shaped Chicago's history from the legend of Mrs. Learly and her cow to Chicago's teen icon Ferris Buller, and learn about some of this city's most interesting urban legends and beloved characters.

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Chicago Waters

Richard A. Chase painting of boat passing the Merchandise Mart, circa 1935.jpg

A glimpse of the life of water in Chicago

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